Beds Blast Cleaning

Blast Cleaning Brickwork

Abrasive Blast Cleaning or as it used to be known, sand blasting of your property's brick or stone work can produce a stunning result that you will be genuinely delighted with.

Whether it's for the removal of paint or the cleaning of years of dirt and airborne pollution, Beds Blast Cleaning's professional service can restore its finish back close to the look of the original and probably add worthwhile extra value in the process.

Using our mobile platforms, abrasive blast cleaning can often be carried out without the need for scaffolding which helps to keep costs down and often enables us to transform the look of your property in a single day. And all at a very affordable price. Give us a call and see how little it costs to sand blast your property "back to new" again.

For a cost-effective, damage-free surface removal of coatings, oxidation and graffiti, allow Beds Blast Cleaning to quote for your abrasive blast cleaning project.

For blast cleaning (sand blasting) of brickwork, call us on 01234 781769
(Or Nigel on 07836 502195 / 07944 272318)