Beds Blast Cleaning

Brickwork Blast Cleaning

Abrasive Blast cleaning of your property's brick or stone work can produce a stunning result...

shot blast brickwork

Timber & Metal Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning timber beams back to their original glory by removing paint and grime...

shot blast timber

Car & Lorry Blast Cleaning

A variety of media grades are used to blast clean the metal enabling us to remove all rust...

shot blast car

Blast Cleaning Bedford

Beds Blast Cleaning is a Bedford based blast cleaning (sand blasting) service company with over 40 years experience, providing abrasive blast cleaning to local companies and individuals. As blast clean specialists we pride ourselves on the quality of our service, which we deliver both on-site and through our mobile blast cleaning unit which operates around Beds., Bucks., and Northants. Needless to say, all blast clean media used is COSH registered, and it is that, along with our preliminary risk asessment which can give you confidence in our blast cleaning service

Call us on 01234 781769 (Or Nigel on 07836 502195 / 07944 272318)

We are able to undertake blast cleaning, or sand blasting as it used to be known, on brick buildings, both steel and timber structures, and also provide a full blast cleaning service for body panels, chassis and complete vehicles.

For a cost-effective, damage-free surface removal of coatings, oxidation and graffiti, allow Beds Blast Cleaning to quote for your abrasive blast cleaning project.