Beds Blast Cleaning

Blast Cleaning Timber & Metal

Solid timber beams are a traditional and prized feature in many older properties and keeping them looking their best is a priority for many owners.

Allow us to blast clean (sand blast) your timber beams back to their original glory, by removing paint and grime, and you'll be delighted by the restoration of their natural beauty. You'll also be amazed at how inexpensive a professional blast cleaning service that's this good can be.

With our specialised mobile blast cleaning units, we are able to bring our blast cleaning service to anyone in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northants. Also, by using the finest blast clean equipment and the safest, greenest and most effective cleaning media, we can give you superb results in double quick time.

For a cost-effective, damage-free surface removal of coatings, oxidation and graffiti, allow Beds Blast Cleaning to quote for your abrasive blast cleaning project.

For blast cleaning (sand blasting) of brickwork, call us on 01234 781769
(Or Nigel on 07836 502195 / 07944 272318)