Beds Blast Cleaning

Blast Cleaning Vehicles

A variety of media grades are used to blast the metal enabling us to remove all rust and paint residues and etching the surface of the metal to provide what is called clean white metal.

There is no better way of preparing metal body panels and chassis for painting or further rust protection. The blasted surface is free from all impurities and has the exact profile specified by most painting systems

Beds Blast Cleaning techicians have the skill and experience to deliver this abrasive blasting service without warping or other damage to the panels.

For a cost-effective, damage-free surface removal of coatings, oxidation and graffiti, allow Beds Blast Cleaning to quote for your abrasive blast cleaning project.

For blast cleaning (sand blasting) of brickwork, call us on 01234 781769
(Or Nigel on 07836 502195 / 07944 272318)